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Teachers matter. The most important factor in student achievement is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Nothing matters as much as the person standing in front of those students – not where they come from, the resources they have access to, the building, the neighborhood. Nothing is as important as the teacher. It will help us identify and refine what we are looking for. Using a high-quality model will help us zero in on the skills and traits our teachers need to have and plan how we will identify those skills and traits during the selection process. Having a detailed selection model will help us evaluate all of our candidates effectively and fairly. It will help us to establish and maintain a high bar for quality. Consistently utilizing a selection model will help us know what excellence looks like in each of the areas that are important to success at Altura Prep, even when interviewing and considering a range of candidates. It will help us to find teachers who are a strong match for Altura Prep’s needs and improve student outcomes. Up to 25% of a teachers’ effectiveness is driven by their fit at their school. Better matches between principals, teachers and schools also improves teacher retention.


A selection model is a formal rebric used to evaluate potential hires. See the table below for a full overview.
School Selection Model
What are we looking for? Identified criteria are called “Competencies.” Example of one competency: Teaching Ability
What does it look like? Each Competency has examples of specific behaviors called “indicators.” Examples indicators of Teaching Ability
  • Conveys ideas and information clearly
  • Provides reasonable examples of effective lesson-planning, instructional strategies, and/or student assessment
  • Possesses the ability to make content meaningful for students
How are we going to see it? Selection activities (application questions, interview questions/scenarios, writing prompts) are aligned with one or more competencies.
How will we evaluate it? Candidates are rated. Example of our four-point rating scale: (1) Highly Effective (2) Effective, (3) Not Quite Effective and (4) Ineffective.

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Altura Preparatory School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, or sexual orientation.